Lands End is Getting Greener

Land’s End is Getting Greener
Posted on Jul 17, 2014

As an attraction, Land’s End knows the importance of looking after the natural environment. With the 100 acres of natural landscape surrounding and owned-by Land’s End being recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Very Important Plant Area, the staff at Land’s End have taken things one step further by assembling a ‘Green Team’.

The Green Team will consist of an elected member of staff from each department, acting as an ambassador for ‘green policy’ on site. Each ambassador will take responsibility for ensuring their department is doing all it can to reduce its carbon footprint and save energy – from enhancing energy efficiency and encouraging staff to increase the amount they recycle, through to engaging with visitors and staff alike to increase awareness of the cause.

The scheme was devised by General Manager, David Bryans, who is extremely passionate about reducing carbon footprint; and implemented by Senior Retail Supervisor, Kelly Touzel, who is equally enthusiastic.

David Bryans said: “There are a number of reasons why being a ‘green’ business is more important than ever, with the most significant being that preserving the world’s resources is the responsibility of every individual – not just at home, but at work as well. We hope the introduction of the Green Team will both educate and inform our staff and visitors and most importantly, reduce our carbon footprint.”





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